Are you sure?

It’s a new beginning for a fervent writer. So I start off with something simple and common-SUCCESS.ย 
What we all aspire for in today’s world is Success-something we might just get at once or something that we might need to dig the ocean beds for. But to each one, it has it’s own meaning. Like to me, as a student, it stands for winning and scoring academically, to an average adult it may mean getting a job, to a man a good life and to a woman, atleast a life! But do we ever try to look beyond what lies after success? Have we ever planned in life what we would do after achieving our definition of success? A self satisfying life probably. But is that truly what we aspire for from within? Is that what we feel the only purpose of doing things in life? Perhaps, life could mean a lot more if we could only stop looking at success and start looking beyond it.

Maybe in our quest for winning, we forget to look at the beauty of the path that led us there, the beauty of those tiny moments of life which we tend to miss, the memories that we could have created and carried when we actually crossed the barriers of success. And that is when dissatisfaction sinks in. Many people don’t find themselves as happy as they thought they would have been after reaching the pinnacles, they were aspiring for. And that’s just because they missed the joy of kicking the tiny pebbles on road in order to push the heavy boulders on way. Life is not only about winning. It’s about how you enjoy every bit of the journey thatย contributes towards that victory. So think again, Are You Sure it is “success” that you are running after or is there something more to it?


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