A Bowl of Sugar

Sugar coated,

Caramel dipped

A river of words

In air, they drift.

Trying to capture,

The hearts of all

Trapping us into

Their depthless fall

Sprinkled with confetti

Attractive, they seem

Engulfing us within

A drought prone stream

Hollow and empty

Praises underneath

Trying to capture

Desires and greed.

Turning our minds

to facile imagery

Oh! What a show,

A fake scenery

That is us-

Two-dimensional souls

Shallow minds inside,

Outside- a sugar bowl.


6 thoughts on “A Bowl of Sugar

      • Such encourage means a lot. The fact that you are taking out time to read and review each and every post of mine really boasts me to keep exploring myself and interacting with great bloggers as u. Thank u


      • Great blogger is subjective I suppose… It’s just about how we express ourselves through our (pens/fingers) that matters the most. Touching the hearts of people through words is mostly about expressing ourselves truely with the right emotions we have within us. It’s good to know you’re really great at this particular thing… Keep it this way and you’ll go way ahead in bringing a beautiful change in this world around us just with your beautiful words…!👌👍😀

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