Are you sure – POST #2

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

The world has evolved into an entity that caters it’s needs and the needs of it’s family by the mere action of robot working. Where is the satisfaction YOU desired when you stepped into this old universe with your new vigour?

Crumpling the joys, stored beneath a facile image we present before the world, rules and restrictions tie, not our hands, but the soul itself. Moral restrictions to push ourselves out of the box that the society has created, act as barriers to our free flowing minds. What we, thus, tend to live, is a “straight line” life- a life that goes on in the same direction, infinitely, forever.

It’s like a child who’s locked away to study till he erects a flourishing business. No candies, no tv, no comics, no playtime and a resignation from whatsapp & Facebook. Exhausted and tired but determined and focused, the child continues towards this “straight line” path to his goal. All such distractions have been locked away from his sight for the sole purpose of attaining something in life and to sculpt oneself into an able individual. Ultimately, when this cauldron of targets is achieved, realisation dawns upon the now 25 years old, that he is no more the same child he was trying to satisfy. No candies, no tv, no comics, no playtime and not even whatsapp or Facebook. His mature mind does not require any of it as now his desires have advanced to a much greater level.
Thus begins a fresh hunger for an advanced quest of aims. The churning time evolves our tastebuds even before we could sample our success. This further search for satisfaction pushes us into a new race which we linger on to until we reach a new level of fulfilment. Our soul tries looking for an expected peace that we were supposed to gather in this yet another “straight line” marathon to reach the finishing line. But peace soon transforms into piece- a piece of incongruous guilt that sinks in when we discover a change, once again, in the desires we wished to fulfil. Looking back the path we traced, we can see only a lump in our own mouth. What happened to life? What happened to our wishes, to the dreams we were running after or to THAT chocolate which we had actually wanted to relinquish in the end?  It probably got lost in the sandstorm of desires and greed that expanded over time. The greed to gather more chocolates, entirely eliminated the process of actual consumption. The more one gets, the more one wants.
So peek inside yourself and ask what you wish to have in your hands when you ultimately reach the finishing line. Is it a dream you lost while dragging yourself through the sinuosities of the path? Or a cauldron of chocolates you joyfully gobbled in your journey to achievement?
Are we living to eventually die or dying to eventually live? Ask yourself this question every time you ban yourself from grabbing the chocolate of life which you long lost behind.

3 thoughts on “Are you sure – POST #2

  1. I loved those lines.. Peace turning into piece…. A whole new perception towards understanding the psychology of human beings when they are into the rat race for being successful and not realizing that true peace lies within us and not outside this ether body we are locked into because of our immature perception of life.
    Really well written…👍👍👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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