Are you sure – Post #3

Magic in the air

Sitting in a dark room and pondering over what went wrong, is indeed the last thing I would do in my life. If I took a wrong turn in this beautiful journey, standing at the corner and lamenting over my next step would only result in squandering the precious time, life has accredited us with. Instead, look upon the new path you have discovered and experience the enchanting aura  of the optimism in the air.
Life gives us no second chance to succumb back to the second we lost. Once gone, forever gone. The words thrown in the space that engulfs us all, cannot be drawn back. But life does not stop at that junction. It inspires us, every moment to open our eyes to a world that cannot be seen, to the magic, we so often choose to ignore.
A simple word of appreciation makes a child’s day. A simple smile of love melts a girl’s heart. A simple pat on the back instantly encourages a hard working soul. So why stumble at the speed breaker and turn to walk away into a melancholy you left behind? Why not step ahead into the sunshine and spread it to the mute audience who silently crave for it?
We can be the magicians of our own world. Wishing for a miracle is more important than lamenting upon a mistake. More than often, the mystical powers do make our day. So why not make someone else’s by sprinkling some pixie dust into a mucky marsh?
Time is running so fast that looking back seems like a long journey. So let’s make the one coming up, something to remember for all we cherish. A warm hug and a soft kiss is what I’m going to give my mom right away. A small ‘thank you’ to my household help, a simple but deep ‘sorry’ to the friend I hurt yesterday and those three magical words, ” I love you” to everyone close to my heart before time leaves me behind.
It’s these small joys that spread magnanimous amounts of love in our life. It’s these small things that make me believe that indeed, there is some magic in the air…..and that’s Me.


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