The Trepidation of Existence

In a rambunctious world

of lost identities,

I couldn’t find

where I was meant to be.

Was I suppose to

shed tears, or

smile in the face

of adversity?

Was I to pick up

the sword

or fear the mighty?

Was I suppressed

or just too small

to rise?

Did I lack

what he had

to be begrudged

by my own?

Or was it simply because

as a girl I was born?


2 thoughts on “The Trepidation of Existence

  1. May be I wouldn’t be able to understand the feelings you had within you but this indeed has a really deep meaning… I don’t know whether it has a positive approach or a negative one, but it surely touches one’s heart.. Truly wonderful.👍

    Liked by 1 person

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