A Blindfolded Duel

The world, they said

was full of ugly deeds

incongruous creatures

wherein creep

the oceans screamed

of depthless sins

sordid tricks,

seemed to win

round was the world

and round it seemed

exacerbating problems,

burning dreams

in the flames of hatred

lied dead, my soul

shallow with misery

-a sucked black hole

lost in the battle

I vowed to end

counting the stars,

that so circumvent

that turned the tides,

I was laying on

that ended my chapters,

Oh! I was gone.

the voices then echoed,

that true they had said,

the demons of mind,

often eat the head!


12 thoughts on “A Blindfolded Duel

      • I don’t understand poems… I could write and explain everything with my emotions and words.. But poetry genuinely is not my cup of tea.. It takes that vision and that creativity to explain a thing of thousands words in just a few words… However I always admire reading the poems of other people whether I understand or notπŸ˜‚

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      • I understand that. And it’s good to just read them even if you don’t understand. The flow of words just makes you feel better sometimes than the hidden meaning that the poet feels, whether he wants to convey or not.
        Many a times, poets just write because they want to, just to silent their own turmoils of the mind and the heart, rather than wishing to convey a clear meaning to the world.
        It’s to calm ourselves that we write, and the words, well nothing can heal better than them, no?


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