What my title says…” A WORLD BEYOND SIGHT”

Orange and green, that’s the colour the sky looked to me as I stared at it last night. Just the sky and me. No more darkness engulfs the thoughts that we so carry at night with us to bed, because there is no night left probably. Not because nobody cares, but probably because everyone does.
Last night, I was looking up from my window to satiate the hunger of watching a blanket of stars cover my restless soul. So much stirs you up at night that sleeping is the last thing that comes to my mind. The moon with its glow, that brightens every 15th stair of its ascend in the sky, seemed to fade off. Only a dull, orange and greenish glare of lights glowed in the sky, swarming from amidst the cauldron of electricity we generate,when I sought was an incongruous darkness. Sometimes, the night lightens you up more than the day. The inspirations I gather at night never strike the atoms of my mind to stir up pressure on the walls of my head in the broad and busy daylight, we all, wake up to. No more cocks croaking in the countryside, no more birds chirping their good mornings into a new projection of the old sunlight, and no more staring at a sky full of stars.
Maybe someday, when we have time to lift our chins up and notice this blankness, a hollow, depth less feeling will surely sink in, in all who deserve this instant ebullient feeling that takes over my heart whenever I even think of those twinkles in the sky.
If God would grant me one chance to do what I see myself living, it would certainly start from laying in the grass, under a decorated night sky, in the lap of a beauty that I have always cherished deep down my soul and stare at those lovely dots up there, silently, quietly, into the night.
My hand longs that feeling of pleasure that only the sparkling spring can impart, that electric jolt to my soul that the endless nights gift, that soothing touch of a heart that loves the simple ‘touch’ of nature and a world where these orange glows reveal what they hide underneath – a world beyond sight!

32 thoughts on “What my title says…” A WORLD BEYOND SIGHT”

    • Stars, ah! I wish I could live in a cottage at that end of the world where there are only stars in the sky and nothing else. No bright city lights, no noise, no buildings, and certainly no worries to carry in my head. A simple life under the roof of stars. I hope to love it someday. I hope that someday is soon.


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