Writing 101, poetry – “beloved”

Today’s challenge is the word “beloved”. The word beloved instantly reminds us of people we have loved all our lives, whatever our situations might lead us to. So here is my take on the topic with a poem on long distance relationships that face the biggest tests and tribulations of trust and time, hoping to catch the emotions that many of us out there, bury deep within. 

Across the ocean
Rests your heart
Can I reach 

A soul so far
Distance has teared

The connection of past

10,000 miles

12 hours to pass
Boundaries created 

a crack, so deep

I can’t climb 

A wall so steep
Either wait

Or move on

Because time and distance

Are slowing my speed
Yet, there’s a connection

But how long will it last

Where are you?

I am shunned to ask
Faces have dried

Words not left

Your voice mute

In the day’s unrest
My hand is empty

My heart, with a hole

My eyes are wet

With a memory old
How long will I survive

On images of past

On stories we had

Or memories that last
It’s been years,

There will be more to go

Year after year

No soul to hold
Can you live 

With this untied knot

With a disconnected connection

With an unbounded bond?
And when if we do see

What we have become

After years of ravelling 

Alone, under different suns 
Will we recognise 

Or accept

The people, 

we have become 
Will it be the same

When you see me again

After years of a relation 

Far and strained 
Continents apart

Are we looking at the selves

That we chose years ago

But then drifted ahead
Longer are destinations

Longer are the threads

Difficult to hold now,

Difficult to knit
So think again, before you accept

This fate far fetched

I’ll be waiting 

But can you ignore the rest? 


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