Writing 101, poetry – “camouflage”

Camouflaged truths 

What happens when a long buried truth, layered with lies and misguidance surfaces out and haunts the very face that camouflaged it from the world? 

Dug deep and buried in

Feigned with fear,

Unheard, unfounded sin

Years ago I dug the grave

To camouflage the truth

I could not save

No name to carve 

Or flowers to grieve 

Silent tears of the 

Words I pierced

Away from the eyes

Unkept from the tale

Shattered by the gust

That lies have layered

But this temporary hiding

Will soon resurface

When the camouflaging colours,

Reveal the true face

And when this

shielded concealment,

Is torn apart

My trapped soul,

Will finally depart! 



18 thoughts on “Writing 101, poetry – “camouflage”

  1. You write with such beauty and you imbue each word with such feeling. I love the grave imagery, the idea that the truth you couldn’t save was camouflaged and how the poem builds up to breaking what was concealed in the opening lines so it can fly free. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I really like the line “That lies have layered.” That is so true it seems. To maintain a lie, layers and layers of detail have to be added to keep up the lie. That’s so exhausting. Honesty is so liberating, don’t you think.

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    • Indeed, it’s a tough task trying to keep up a stack of lies, building one after the other in order to cover up for a single truth from revealing it’s true colours.
      And that is why honesty liberates us from all this layering of lies by simply uttering the truth.

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