Writing 101, poetry – “farewell”

The last poem as a part of my writing 101, poetry course.

 My take on the topic today is as a caterpillar, who came in with a soul ready to transform by the pupa of this course that has helped me grow my skills into a beautiful butterfly, ready to reach out to a new world. 

The last farewell

New to a world

Never seen before

Creeping and crawling

In shadows unexplored 

I was the caterpillar 

Yet to fly

Ugly, immature,

Just beginning to try

Slithering for months 

Till I found my cocoon

Suddenly all wrapped up

Life changed too soon

A pupa, they said

Had I become

Ready to transform 

My childlike pun

Into an art

So live and profound

Reaching out to ears

With a silent sound

And within two weeks

The pupa wore off

Shedding the trepidation

Of existence, unbound

As a life unfolded 

Out of gloom

I was the butterfly,

Set to bloom

Bidding my final bye

To the pupa that helped me so

Imparting me wings

My heart, ready to soar

Now it’s hard to say

I’ll never meet you again

But if I do

I hope time won’t end………….so soon!! 


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