Smiling back…at life

We feel a fresh jolt of inspiration every morning we open ourselves to a new face of the same old world. And finding pleasure and peace in this multi seasoned life we cherish, everyday, saves us from aging faster. Discover how…

As I glance 

Out of my windows

Drawing the lazy 

curtains aside, 

I feel the aroma 

of the morning coffee

Down my window sill

A cuckoo sits

On my bird feed

And chirps her way in

Today’s warmth 

Has a song to share

A story to fill the day 

Throwing my blankets

I put my slippers on

Rushing to embrace

The world outside

And calm the one within

With every step I drew out

I felt short of smile to pass

To a world that seemed 

So unusually fresh

And morning so delight

Scrambling atop the tree’s bark

The squirrel ran away

As I opened the door to feel

A pleasing morning light

How happy the mind 

Can turn out to be

If only circumscribed by love

Every day imparted us

A reason joyous enough. 


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