What so new…?

What’s so new about the days that will dawn after today? Is it the colour or the size? Or do we only fantasise? Check it out…

The NEW year

The lights shine

Above my head

The jolly air

Of pleasure sets

As they wave 

And shout and scream

For a new day,

A new year, it seems

But what’s the change 

That they can see

Last night proclaimed

With joy and glee

 Nothing new in 

The sky’s colour

Nothing new in 

Their face’s parlour

Nothing new in 

The songs I sing

Nothing new in

The cars that swing

Swing past my empty bowl

Empty stomach 

Empty hands

Empty hearts of the soul 

Because yesterday was the end

Of previous times 

New pledges were made

Contracts signed

To announce the new name

Of the same old days

Nothing’s changed

Along the old ways

It’s a start, yet again

To what we did

You in your armchair

Me, on the roads I sit. 


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