Wandering nights – Letters…

Why don’t you answer me.I can’t wait every time I turn the pages to see if you have filled the blanks I so left. I made a mistake. But everyone does and I hope we are allowed once. Don’t turn your back so soon. I still await, patiently, and hopefully, with all my strength that you will come, soon. 

Please don’t leave me hanging, you promised you won’t. But then, didn’t I? 

I don’t wish I could rewind time. Because then it probably won’t have the same beauty it cherished then, for us. I know you are stronger than me and wiser in thought as I was. I’m trying hard, every day, with every word I progress to write. I hope they still carry meaning for you, I hope they still matter. 

I hope you reply soon. I hope you come back soon. Or if not, then I hope to meet you soon. 

Everytime I close my eyes, I hope to see you magically appear to kiss them open. I don’t obsess with these thoughts, but they keep wandering in the gardens of my memory, just as you do. Surprise me, take me away. And this time, I won’t stop you closing in, I won’t shut you out. 

I have learned how to face life and all that that comes along. Please don’t go away now. Let me in or step out for me. Tell me all, or reply to what I say. But please don’t do what I did. 

Maybe, it’s a yet another day to learn. Maybe it’s all complementary with life.  

Maybe, it’s just the wait for a new letter to come…


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