When time turns its tides…

Neither can I cry, nor can I forget. Neither I can smile, nor can I frown.

Songs that make me remember you, songs that make me regret.

My tears cannot escape, the force that holds them so.

The playback of your words, restlessness of my soul.

Moments meant for us, spent all alone.

Every wish I ask for, in every word I ever spoke.

At night when the world has cuddled, into sleepy dreams.

In the morning light, under our favourite tree.

I close my eyes and wait.

As the clock ticks by.

My heart beats against voices,

I try hard to defy.

Hoping against hope.

Dragging through hard luck.

Tightening my fists, opening my tiny mouth.

And waiting.


For my first kiss, to hold your hands in mine.

For a dream dance, against the tragedy of time.

For you to take me away, and along the path

A path meant for us, to leave the brindled world.

As I wait, endlessly, for that moment to dawn.

As patiently as ever, as quietly as I can be.

Opening my eyes, only with the vision of thee.

The risk of losing faith, breaking my heart.

Fear of falling, along the untraveled path.

Hold me firm, don’t let go.

Make me a princess

Crown my wishes a soul.

The truth of living, is hard to accept.

Only a vision of the life we draw.

Only a part of what we hope to sow.

Only one chance, to turn the wrong right.

Only a moment, to say I’m sorry.

Play our song again, pick up your guitar.

The strings of life, can’t keep me afar.

As I wait.

And wait.

And wait. 

For the dawn.

I hope the night unites us,

I hope there is yet,more hope to be born.


8 thoughts on “When time turns its tides…

    • It indeed is. The fact that we lose out to time no matter how much we plan or stay ahead, is a sad truth of ours and will continue to haunt us unless we just learn to enjoy the flow wherever we stand in it.


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