A hat for every day; a hat for every night

For some we try different hats…for some we store them away!

A phrase that caught my eye as I was scrolling down the reader to glance at new posts. And immediately I could connect with it- such a deep thought abbreviated in such simple words. 

For some we try different hats and for some we store them away. 

Indeed, life is not static. Our lives collides with so many other during this single lifetime that half the people are not even registered in the memory. They simply pass by our eyes, as we are engaged in a constant battle with our own thoughts. I have faced this dilemma several times where the mind is busy amusing those ignoring our stride, while missing out on people who actually matter. It hurts sometimes, sometimes a lot. But look around. Aren’t we doing the same to those who demand our attention? Instead of seeking glazed appreciation from unfazed minds, sometimes it’s better to curl ourselves into the small community that actually cares for our needs. 

There are people out there for whom we are not mere passerby’s in the journey of life, who look forward to our interaction, to our point of view, to the words we speak and to the world we create. It’s time we embraced those and do away with imparting an impression to strange minds. Maybe they care. Most probably, they don’t. Because those who do, reciprocate equal concerns.

So why waste time in donning different styles for those who don’t even lift their eyes to your beauty? The world is full of people, waiting to click a picture with you. Let’s help them smile. 


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