The common thread 

Every post, every word I come across reflects its own story. And each story, an emotion. And often as I must wonder, I feel there are these threads that connect us to each other and who we are outside this virtuality. 

Like the strings of a guitar, each of us plucks a different tune, an amalgamation of varied frequencies through our soul. But all of it comes down to one and only one thing, something that I can decipher from each post I read tonight or any other night. 


What is it? We write about it, each in its own way. We feel it, each in its own manner and though sometimes we forget how much of it we need, we still search for infinite registers of its complexity. 

Bound in its chains is the outflow of anger, irritation, joy, happiness, distress, and loneliness, each for its own. 

What is it that this love carries which makes us so vulnerable to our own needs? 

What it is can’t be searched, unless felt in my own heart, on my own terms. 


Same, yet unique. 

Simple, yet labyrinthine. 


40 thoughts on “The common thread 

  1. Its because we are beings of love. We long to connect with Universal love, whatever that means to each individual. This is why stories rooted in love deeply affect us. Beautiful piece, thank you for your vulnerability. 💫

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  2. Love… The inexplicable feeling.. The most complicated one of all human emotions.. It’s a mystery to be solved.. Complicated.. Yet on simple terms.. Same in the feeling..yet unique ways of expressions.. A amount of words put together can describe completely.. Yet amazingly penned down.. Loved your post.. 🙂

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  3. I run out of words when I think about love. … It’s such an ethereal feeling that makes the world go round. I have always been a hopeless romantic and maybe wishful thinking gets the better of me. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece😊😊😊

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  4. Earlier i used to wonder what the hell is love? Because almost all songs, posts and novels are about it. I tried to write about it, but it seem enigmatic. It was so complicated to explain this four lettered word. However, I came to the conclusion, every emotion rises because of this unexplainable word. Good job!

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  5. Your last line is so true. Love can be complicated – a puzzle, but I’ve learned how pure love carries all of those other emotions. Blocking them (anger, disappointment etc.) can really get in the way. Understanding and the ability to freely express ourselves is key. Nice post!

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