Fighting through the aisles

We are all spectators, and most of us even participants (including me) in this quest called Shopping, especially during the SALE time. How crazy the ‘ordeal’ can turn out to be sometimes, is somethings all the shoppers can relate to.

“Fighting through the aisles”, imparts a glimpse into the farcical experience of shopping which we all still love the best. 😉


The markets shout
As the ‘Sale’ kicks
The pamphlets voicing
Their loud bids

Fancy packings
Exorbitant tastes
Counters flowing
With ‘useful wastes’

Searching for colours
That suit the best
Decking up loads
Fighting the rest

And as the seasons revolve
tandem to our craze
So do our reasons
For endless purchase.


This is in response to the daily prompt-fight


8 thoughts on “Fighting through the aisles

  1. I have read a thousand poems on different blogs , but never has any poem been as interesting as this one, especially for the following points:
    1) It’s based on Shopping ( No one dares to think outta the box)
    2) It’s hilarious😂😂😂 (This is exactly what happens at SALES, word to word of it, correctly mentioned😂)
    3) It is kinda a Story of my life😅 (Pleading Guilty here)

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  2. What a really cool post. As I’m not much of a shopper, that never even entered my mind on this prompt, but as soon as I read your post, I was both amused by both the name and the thought that for me, shopping truly is a battle that I try to make my way through as quickly as possible. Honestly, I’m so thankful to live in this day and age, where I don’t ever have to enter another Wal-Mart, if I don’t want to. After all, I can shop from my computer, without having to fight the masses… So, I wonder, does this make me a coward? 🙂

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    • Yeah, online shopping indeed has its perks. But the excitement and the thrill of shopping amongst so many others, sharing the same craze for buying stuff and living that experience of rush is really worth it.
      We all have our preferences though. And it isn’t being coward. It’s choosing a safer option I feel 😉

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    • So it’s real crazy stuff. The experience of going in that kind of crowd, only to find our way back to where we were, is so much more exciting than the growing trend of online shopping. It’s fun and farcical at the same time 😄


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