Lovers in distress 


What do we share?

Is it love?

Or are you the friend I search for in mortal souls?

You keep passing me those blank looks, yet they seem meaningful under these dark nights.  

You stare at me endlessly and still don’t wear out. What is it that seems to connect us miles apart?

We seem so small from eyes that merely view our bodies. What of the heaviness that distance imparts? 

Maybe we are minds in sync and lips in touch.

Maybe, we are souls trapped in our self created voids, in the crowded shadows of loneliness. 

We are, but mere spectators to each others crests and troughs. 

But am I as beautiful to watch as you seem tonight? Or do I too, reflect a fake luminance that fluctuates in rhythm as the day takes over?

You are the answer to questions I can’t reach out, yet causing a turmoil within me. 

You are my blind trust and sanguine joys. 

And as I fail to see who you can from that height, maybe you too, in reaching out to the other tiny twinkles that tend to hide. 

Are you in love with the star miles away from you, yet in my sight, just like I’m?

Do you find me comforting because I can witness the ones you can only sense in your heart, just as you do mine?

We are both lovers in distress. We both ache in love. And so find the other’s lap comforting. And so weep in the other’s arms. 

Distance tears us away from the love we each cradle. That’s the connection we share. That’s probably why, when you witness my reunion kiss, everything seems so fair. Because maybe, even you found your constellation. 


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