Daily prompt-Window

This is in response to today’s daily prompt- window

Today’s prompt could pop only one image in my mind and that is…well, read on!! πŸ˜‰


High headed and firm

Chagrin aside

Confidence flooding

Along the streets, I stride


Unaware of temptations

Plotted ahead

As I trod hurriedly

To where I head


But addictions are often

Hard to resist

As the bakery opens

A window to bliss


And there within

Lay the demons of distraction,

Red velvet and cheesecakes

Paralyzing all actions!!






14 thoughts on “Daily prompt-Window

Add yours

    1. You are a great soul Judy, really. I just read that post, though I was unable to comment there. It reflects the emotions that often take us by surprise, or in awe, as u said and yet describe us so well.
      And the red velvet images, well, they just made me more hungry. πŸ˜‰

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