The travelogue of my life 

We often chose to shut ourselves down, maybe for a moment or even a month, to clear the thoughts that so circumvent in our heads. And what we tend to ignore in this process is the voice, screaming out of every pore of our body to listen to that one person we should gamble all our trust upon- Us. In the urge to do what others show is right for an individual, we lose the strength of our sound. We lose sight of our goals. And most importantly we lose trust in our beliefs. We cradle in the laps of others, forgetting with time who we actually sought to be. And thus, turn out to be people the world wanted to see us as. 

The mirror to reality often acts as a barrier to dreams. Can we fill vaults only by being rational and pragmatic in terms defined by those who never steeped away from the convention?

Resolve and risk. 

Resolve to stand by your dreams and risk your life for it. Resolve to sketch a life you love and risk all your abilities upon it. We don’t need to learn by the hard way. Determination is always positioned higher than dread. The will to stand against the world and chose a path untraveled makes for a better travelogue than places the world can always venture.

My travelogue constitutes my journey into a life I dare to not only dream but to convert into a reality I wish to live in. It consists of all the routes unguided and maps undefined. It illustrates pictures to a destiny I plan and the principles I decide. 

Never be afraid to bear your soul in your words. Never be afraid to pilot the plane to your success and the destiny you chose. And assume the power to lead your own fight, with voices that struggle inside and noises that try to distract from outside.

Ultimately, the person you end up being is just the difference between who you want to be and who you chose to be. 

Define yourself in terms you wish to be read as. The world can never ignore exceptions. 


19 thoughts on “The travelogue of my life 

  1. Truly inspired by this post… Finding ourselves amongst who we want to be and who we should be is something we ought to do in order to live our dreams..
    Great work.. Keep writing.. 🙂

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  2. What you wrote completely inspired me. I consider myself to be “following my dream.” But sometimes I go off the path of excitement to one that is filled with doubt. Those critical inner voices can shut down my energy. So this topic and your post were fantastic – thank you so much!

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