Earth day…what does it really mean?

Earth day

We observe 22nd April as Earth day, all around the world. But does this mere proclamation mean anything for thousands like those I still witness ‘playing’ with nature today? Indifferent to what each leaf they pluck contributes to the void this ignorance can impart tomorrow?

Isn’t it the same as the psychotic killings of innocent souls by the destructive forces of the world? Engulfed by the monsters of death for no legitimate reasons whatsoever? Aren’t we the destructors of our own destiny? Think about it…maybe we are indeed missing a point. 

The point of connection. 

Axed and forgotten

In the gardens of life

Thrown and fettered 

In extermination to thrive

Torn in sync

With a ludicrous love

Proving to themselves

Their powerful nerve 

And as billet-doux of death

thrown on humanity

Plucked like leaves

From the branches of insanity.


23 thoughts on “Earth day…what does it really mean?

  1. Loved it! It is depressing to say that is the reality. How much are we going to use our environment for our benefit. Why don’t we be futuristic and see the long term benefit it can give us. People these days are like… There is no greenery or we should head towards to hilly area for summer vacation. May I know why? Because we are ruining whatever we had and now we are heading towards ruining the environment on hills too. Its depressing.

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  2. I’m 100% in agreement with you on this, Sparsh. I think your post and
    blog theme are in sync – the world beyond sight; people have no idea of how harming our enviroment destroys the future. Just because they can’t see it now doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. For those of us that care, it is so hard to see the apathy. Your poem is simply beautiful.

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    • Thanks a lot Judy. I just felt that the way we treat environment today, isn’t it on the same lines as terrorism treats humanity?
      No concern for anything than their own selfish motives. And yet we often fail to see ourselves doing something as bad as them.

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