To infinity…and beyond!

Even when so much can be said in just two lines of poetry, I wish to iterate more today. In words that may mean nothing to you, but something really big to me. I wish you would remember today, as the day we met. The day I gazed into your dreamy eyes and their dreams for the very first time. And within them, found my own. 

It wasn’t the day you clutched my hand, or the day you expressed your infinite love for me. It wasn’t the day you kissed me or the day you asked me for a dance. But it was day we smiled together. The day we shared our first words. The day I stole a glance to have a closer look at you and that sheepish grin of yours. The day I saw myself knowing you even more. The day I wanted to ask a few more questions. And probably the day when I forgot about this meeting just as you left, only to return as someone new. 

You lifted me higher than I had ever dreamt. Made me believe in more than I ever could.

And yes, made me realise how the strings of a guitar rarely made a sound in the air, but trembles in a heart. How the lyrics of a lonely song could connect so well with my stammering speech. Or how the sparkle of your eyes, matched the frequency of your voice. 

As I silently gazed into the depth of what that music could stir inside me, maybe you had already realised what you could. An ambition, an answer, and a clarity of who I want to step out as. 

Yes, I love you too. Not because you loved me someday, not because you gave me a dream to live for, nor for the tranquility your presence and then these preserved memories bring to me. But simply because I have no reason now to say this. Some days, I have sat alone and pondered why I should love somebody? Why should I give my something to a somebody? Or maybe, a nobody? But now I know why, because there are simply no reasons to love. Even when you are far, and indifferent to whatever this means to you, I feel you around every moment trying to help me out. Love never dies. Either it never was, or it was never meant. Ours is none of those. I had always heard of eternity. Now I feel one. I had mocked the promises of forever. Now, I have made one. And whatever life may steer us through, I know someday, it would have to bow down to the infinity of love. Unconditional, unspoken, unbinding love. I hope these stars tell you often of how I miss you amidst their lustre. I hope they help wade off your loneliness as well, if you haven’t still found the crowd. I know though, that you are never meant for the crowd. And not even for only me too. I don’t carry selfish motives as well. And I do realise that being the complicated messenger it is, time might put you in sync with another soul too. And I accept that. I had my chance, and I know I was too foolish to foresee only the harm my wounds would cause you, missing out the healing we could impart to each other in the process.

So today, as we complete a year more of our infinity, as we love and laugh to the world, hiding what we really miss, a togetherness in this loneliness we create, I wish just more hope to myself until we meet again. Until, me and you are us. Until death do us apart and love lights up our stars. I hope you read my friend, and know that I’m here, and will always be. I have to trust the stars but who knows when the sun might rise. 

Because this is the day we met. My soul, and the earth. 


33 thoughts on “To infinity…and beyond!

  1. It’s been long I didn’t get back to WordPress but when I’m here today, I’m glad that I wasn’t late anymore…
    Your words are as powerful as your emotions and very few are blessed with such a trait.
    A beautiful post really.
    Many more wishes for your upcoming days (and nights as well).

    Keep going great and keep smiling as always. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great write up as usual!!. Your words surely have poetry and romance in them. There is love in each letter of this beautiful write up.:-)

    By the way I have nominated you for the One blog lovely award.You deserve it !!

    Liked by 1 person

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