Wandering nights- Somewhere deep within…

Wandering nights after a long gap. Enjoy…

Memories- that’s all left

In a corner that was once spared

For all the words meant to complete 

Your love, my prayer

Promises- that bridged distance

We pledged not to mention

Still reside in the letters

Crumpled with apprehension

Stars- our sole messengers 

Lost in the darkness of time

Dorment by sudden silence 

Whispering our whines

Nights- the infinity of reunion 

Now rest in the rythm of cries

Wondering what remains 

Underneath a rubble of lies

Yet- the word that remains 

Rewinds the life once prized 

Those faded songs shared, 

Those moments paralysed

For in this pain we find a love

Unknown, unexplainable

Amidst a past gone by 

Amidst a future unshared…


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