Dreaming and dancing…

Today, I can proudly proclaim myself as a trained dancer. The memorable journey from a passion to graduation comes to a finale today, as I received my graduation certificate in Dance. This is for all the years I gave to dance, and for the all the years dance has now given me….

Love comes in various forms, various shapes, various words, various sights. It’s not one explainable, distinguishable facet of life. 

And yet every time it’s just the same, under different names, casting the same shadows.

Sometimes it keeps us up because of the words that create it’s world. Sometimes, because of the moves that create it’s dance. Tonight was one such night. 

The rythm of the night and the beats of its melancholy still reverberate in my heart. And this time, it’s harder than any song could stir. It’s never about the songs actually. It’s about the souls singing it. 

We danced and fell and laughed and shrieked. The whole world seemed to groove with us in those miniscule moments of joy. The adreline rush is greater than a mountain climb or a horror film. It’s the syncing of the sorrows of the mind with the pleasure of the heart, forgiveness in a moment of trance and love in a moment lost in the ticking of the clock. 

Indeed, there is no measure of time on my tips. I keep forgetting the days and dates. Tonight. 

And probably all nights that I remember this one. 

I know today what it means to move like jagger. Today, I cherished those cheap thrills. Dancing till there was no more strength to smile. The strength to dance was lost long time ago. 

To lose ourselves into the oblivion we probably need to know what it really is. It isn’t away from reality. It isn’t the antonym of sanity. It’s a part of it, hidden in the depths of our own mind, places that we confuse with the heart. It’s the little things that give satisfaction and the pleasure in knowing that you never have the time to spare for those.

Because in those moments, time stops for us, let’s us enjoy its flavours and makes us realise that sometimes getting lost is the best way to stammering words and gaining them all over again. Of losing time and finding it in flow with us again.

Of feeling a smile without carving one. 

Of giving a love that can’t be gained and getting a love that can’t be lost.

Lyrics that can’t be sung and words that can’t be written. 

Only a dance to live. 

Only a life to dance.
10 years of dancing, yes that’s what it does to you. 


25 thoughts on “Dreaming and dancing…

  1. Many many congratulations Sparsh…

    That’s a really great achievement. πŸ˜€

    But the achievement regarding this degree.. I feel..is not as important as reaching to the destination of your passion… It truely takes dedication and an inevitable will to follow your passion.
    Really happy to see you this happy.
    Keep SMILING always.


    The image is really really BEAUTIFUL and charming.

    Really nice post. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations.
    I can feel your passion and pride through your words, and those are beautiful words, rhythmic and lyrical like a dance.
    You didn’t mention what dance form did you learn and graduated, or did I miss it?

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  3. True love that is. I too am in love with ‘dancing’ but never got a chance to reach where you are today. Had to leave dancing a few years back, due to certain circumstances. But you know, as they say, dance is in your heart, it never truly leaves you.
    Congratulations from the depth of my heart. And loved your post- loved to experience your relationship with your passion, in a way. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot sana. Dance really never leaves you…it’s like a part of the soul, and shapes us into who we turn out to be in life.
      And sharing this passion with someone who understands the love of her art is truly amazing. Thanks again 😊


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