Purpose and priorities…

As I take a yet another step in life, with 14 years of school gone by like a mere glimpse of future, let us reflect on the true purposes and priorities in life and what it means to be who we think we can…
And someday, just maybe someday, we will find the true purpose of life. Of being who we dreamt and of becoming who we can.


Why do we give up on dreams so soon?
Why can’t we stop and wait and think and let go of time for a bit?


Maybe it’s not easy to stop so soon. Maybe it’s not easy to stop at all.


It’s rather, easier to regret. It’s easier to lament.
It’s easier to go forth and speak about unfulfilled dreams and talent and fantasies that were just a step away from reality.


How difficult is it to breach the barrier?


Maybe we are not what we now seek.
We are what we always wanted to be.


Why is this world not a better place I ask? I ask, why do I need to wait before I can live the infinities I visualise? When will I get that one chance?


Maybe never. Or if I tried, just once,  I could be what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success with a small dream and a large will.


Can I step forth and commence this journey?  Can I be as courageous as poets who have given generations words to live for and themselves, a life of words?


Yes, we are one in a million. And it’s not because not everyone has the courage to follow their dreams but rather because not everyone has the ability to dream larger than life will ever serve to any one of us.


They say become bigger than your dreams. I’ll say become bigger than your will. Become bigger than your courage. Become bigger than those mere dos and don’t’s.


Everyone’s on the same stand. Everyone’s home is the mother’s lap.
But how many can dare to leave it and let go of the inhibitions that so trap?


How many can pledge to come back, a better person?
How many can let go?
How many can dare to again come back?
How many can dream hard and work harder?
How many can believe that losing is the better part of winning?
And how many can cherish every failure as a new victory?


For those who can, can live through any storm and face any battle.
And those who can’t,  will always have something better than the rest. The power to regret.


So will they ever meet- Priorities and purpose?

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