Love Somebody

What do you preach? And why?

Has love lost its charm. Or is it just charm that’s left behind.

The true essence of love is in loving with our true selves. Loving as if it’s the last chance. Loving, not to gain something but give everything.
And perhaps that’s where we lose.
We lose in the fight for equality.
We lose in the fake promises of forever.
We lose in the pity we see in our eyes for who we could have been. And who we now are.
Even though that’s who we wanted to be.

So should I love even though it’s not the same anymore. Should I love even though it’s not worth its hope.

Should I love just because there isn’t any option. Or wait till all pass by.

What is love, first let me know. And then ask me for more.
What is love, first discover in you
And then show me too.

Show me who I am when I choose not to be me. Show me who I am when I choose to sleep in my own arms.

Because sometimes, love doesn’t need a carrier. Love isn’t a disease.

Love doesn’t need to be someone. It can always be something.

Because love; it isn’t what we seek. We seek a companion.

The day we look for love, and only love, we will find it in ourselves, always waiting to be discovered, always waiting to be embraced.


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