If the night were day

If the night were day Who would be the stars Us or our infinite gazes That search unfathomable dreams...? In every other second That I hope you would say Something to touch my soul You take away A greater part of me Into the valley of unknown Lurking in the deep Shattered...or perhaps torn So... Continue Reading →


Love Somebody

What do you preach? And why? Has love lost its charm. Or is it just charm that's left behind. The true essence of love is in loving with our true selves. Loving as if it's the last chance. Loving, not to gain something but give everything. And perhaps that's where we lose. We lose in... Continue Reading →

Dreaming and dancing…

Today, I can proudly proclaim myself as a trained dancer. The memorable journey from a passion to graduation comes to a finale today, as I received my graduation certificate in Dance. This is for all the years I gave to dance, and for the all the years dance has now given me.... Love comes in various... Continue Reading →

Lyrics of time 

​Sing me the song that u wrote  The other day In the aloofness that surrounds Amidst the chaos of life Sing me the lyrics I thought would be mine When I lost you And found myself instead Sing me the love You have so often spoken of And only spoken of As I silently yearn... Continue Reading →

We are the sufferers…

Maybe all we hv got In these moments to spare Is a life to die for those we care... Maybe all that's left Of me to share Is a bunch of roses From the orphan 's heir Maybe all that I have Doesn't look so fair To drive me off the edge That I once... Continue Reading →

To infinity…and beyond!

Even when so much can be said in just two lines of poetry, I wish to iterate more today. In words that may mean nothing to you, but something really big to me. I wish you would remember today, as the day we met. The day I gazed into your dreamy eyes and their dreams for... Continue Reading →

The travelogue of my life 

We often chose to shut ourselves down, maybe for a moment or even a month, to clear the thoughts that so circumvent in our heads. And what we tend to ignore in this process is the voice, screaming out of every pore of our body to listen to that one person we should gamble all... Continue Reading →

Lovers in distress 

Stars. What do we share? Is it love? Or are you the friend I search for in mortal souls? You keep passing me those blank looks, yet they seem meaningful under these dark nights.   You stare at me endlessly and still don't wear out. What is it that seems to connect us miles apart?... Continue Reading →

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