If the night were day

If the night were day
Who would be the stars
Us or our infinite gazes
That search unfathomable dreams…?

In every other second
That I hope you would say
Something to touch my soul
You take away
A greater part of me
Into the valley of unknown
Lurking in the deep
Shattered…or perhaps torn

So I find magic in eyes
That never look at me
Or hide away when I search
A connection, a key
And turn away to look
Or embrace this me
A part of me I cannot give
And yet isn’t mine
To keep.


Dreamers are the saviours of the world

An empty canvas

A blank sheet

A bleeding brush

A heart to heal


A deserted street

Amidst the chaos of life

A silent night

waiting to thrive


Oblivious to crowds

enraged to fight

dreamers are slaves

but to the pen’s might


As the ink pierces

across the lines

sketching a world

of it own ryhme


In the shackles of thoughts

a rambunctious mind

in a parallel world

The saviours of time…



Beneath sanity, beyond oblivion…

You thought you saw me all

But there are shadows still in the dark

Tracing back to a void

That’s never really empty

And never torn apart

But still a part of me

That is hard to reveal,

Harder to hide

And so we land up

On the same pages 

Our broken hearts

Laid bare in ink

Of this parched world

We are stories we live

And words we share

But also those that were never

Spoken or reflected 

In eyes that saw dreams 

We are each a part

Of an infinite maze

Trapping ourselves 

In our own depth 

We aren’t a mystery 

Or lost destinations

We are simply 

A different path

Often deserted enough 

To be labelled danger

And in our soul

Lies our body

And in our heart

A poem called life

And a life called dream…

Lyrics of time 

​Sing me the song that u wrote 

The other day
In the aloofness that surrounds
Amidst the chaos of life

Sing me the lyrics
I thought would be mine
When I lost you
And found myself instead

Sing me the love
You have so often spoken of
And only spoken of
As I silently yearn for it 

Sing me your heart
That you have always hidden
Unearthed in the shallow
depths of time

Sing me, but the sorrows
That have thus kept us apart
And yet tied within 
the infinty of heart…

Wandering nights- Somewhere deep within…

Wandering nights after a long gap. Enjoy…

Memories- that’s all left

In a corner that was once spared

For all the words meant to complete 

Your love, my prayer

Promises- that bridged distance

We pledged not to mention

Still reside in the letters

Crumpled with apprehension

Stars- our sole messengers 

Lost in the darkness of time

Dorment by sudden silence 

Whispering our whines

Nights- the infinity of reunion 

Now rest in the rythm of cries

Wondering what remains 

Underneath a rubble of lies

Yet- the word that remains 

Rewinds the life once prized 

Those faded songs shared, 

Those moments paralysed

For in this pain we find a love

Unknown, unexplainable

Amidst a past gone by 

Amidst a future unshared…

We are the sufferers…

Maybe all we hv got
In these moments to spare
Is a life to die
for those we care…

Maybe all that’s left
Of me to share
Is a bunch of roses
From the orphan ‘s heir

Maybe all that I have
Doesn’t look so fair
To drive me off the edge
That I once had peered

And those cliffs I fell
Trying to push boulders down
Drifted across these valleys
That times doesn’t surround

For now all that’s mine
Is what’s left outside
Inside is as torn
As when I came out from hide

To heal wounds I thought only
Others possessed in seclusion
Without understanding that
No story ends on conclusions

Earth day…what does it really mean?

Earth day

We observe 22nd April as Earth day, all around the world. But does this mere proclamation mean anything for thousands like those I still witness ‘playing’ with nature today? Indifferent to what each leaf they pluck contributes to the void this ignorance can impart tomorrow?

Isn’t it the same as the psychotic killings of innocent souls by the destructive forces of the world? Engulfed by the monsters of death for no legitimate reasons whatsoever? Aren’t we the destructors of our own destiny? Think about it…maybe we are indeed missing a point. 

The point of connection. 

Axed and forgotten

In the gardens of life

Thrown and fettered 

In extermination to thrive

Torn in sync

With a ludicrous love

Proving to themselves

Their powerful nerve 

And as billet-doux of death

thrown on humanity

Plucked like leaves

From the branches of insanity.