Earth day…what does it really mean?

Earth day

We observe 22nd April as Earth day, all around the world. But does this mere proclamation mean anything for thousands like those I still witness ‘playing’ with nature today? Indifferent to what each leaf they pluck contributes to the void this ignorance can impart tomorrow?

Isn’t it the same as the psychotic killings of innocent souls by the destructive forces of the world? Engulfed by the monsters of death for no legitimate reasons whatsoever? Aren’t we the destructors of our own destiny? Think about it…maybe we are indeed missing a point. 

The point of connection. 

Axed and forgotten

In the gardens of life

Thrown and fettered 

In extermination to thrive

Torn in sync

With a ludicrous love

Proving to themselves

Their powerful nerve 

And as billet-doux of death

thrown on humanity

Plucked like leaves

From the branches of insanity.


Daily prompt- Green 

This is in response to the daily post- Green

How long has it been

Since you have seen

How the apples we picked

Are turning green?

How long has it been 

Since you have seen

How the roses I once loved

Have withered all their green? 

How long has it been

Since you have seen

How the sole witness to our kiss,

The lake, has dried into green? 

How long has it been

Since all I have seen

Is the red in your heart

Decaying fast into green?

How long has it been

Since all that’s left

Between us, is my heart

And your dream? 

How long…

Daily prompt- Handwriting 

Your handwriting gave a glimpse

Of what went in your words

The way they twisted themselves

In conjunction with verse

The crests and curves

Or the soft touch

Gave away the secret

Of your first crush

Or sometimes the ink

Blotted against the line

Alarmed me of the storm

Enraging your mind

But misted under the shadows

Of typed text, edited scripts

Letters once simple 

Now hard to decrypt

This is in response to today’s prompt – Handwriting

Daily prompt-Window

This is in response to today’s daily prompt- window

Today’s prompt could pop only one image in my mind and that is…well, read on!! 😉


High headed and firm

Chagrin aside

Confidence flooding

Along the streets, I stride


Unaware of temptations

Plotted ahead

As I trod hurriedly

To where I head


But addictions are often

Hard to resist

As the bakery opens

A window to bliss


And there within

Lay the demons of distraction,

Red velvet and cheesecakes

Paralyzing all actions!!





Daily prompt- Dirty

Today’s prompt instantly brought into the projections of my mind, the image of a marsh, filthy and inclement, and yet cradling the lovely lotus in its arms. Sometimes, we find beauty in the most unexpected places, sometimes in the most unexpected hearts.

This is in response to today’s prompt- Dirty


Grim and sordid
Yet inert
Mucky marsh
Exacerbating dirt
In latent puddles
Or hidden creaks
Resurfacing mud
A heart, it seeks
Cause even a mire,
Though drenched in sins
Can cradle a beauty,
A lotus within.

Fighting through the aisles

We are all spectators, and most of us even participants (including me) in this quest called Shopping, especially during the SALE time. How crazy the ‘ordeal’ can turn out to be sometimes, is somethings all the shoppers can relate to.

“Fighting through the aisles”, imparts a glimpse into the farcical experience of shopping which we all still love the best. 😉


The markets shout
As the ‘Sale’ kicks
The pamphlets voicing
Their loud bids

Fancy packings
Exorbitant tastes
Counters flowing
With ‘useful wastes’

Searching for colours
That suit the best
Decking up loads
Fighting the rest

And as the seasons revolve
tandem to our craze
So do our reasons
For endless purchase.


This is in response to the daily prompt-fight

Daily prompt- Shelves

Every night I sleep
With a yet another dream
Apostate to the one
Yesterday beamed

Places to behold
Diaries to fill
Sanguine cities
Capricious hills

Hidden alleys
Uncovering tales
Unguided darkness
Restrictions curtailed

As I step out
To suffer a pain
Fighting storms that
root inside again

And with every dawn
A different strife
Placing a new story
In the shelves of life


This is in response to daily prompt-