Daily prompt- Handwriting 

Your handwriting gave a glimpse

Of what went in your words

The way they twisted themselves

In conjunction with verse

The crests and curves

Or the soft touch

Gave away the secret

Of your first crush

Or sometimes the ink

Blotted against the line

Alarmed me of the storm

Enraging your mind

But misted under the shadows

Of typed text, edited scripts

Letters once simple 

Now hard to decrypt

This is in response to today’s prompt – Handwriting


Wandering nights- Thoughts at play

How we create a world

Sometimes so far away

So vague and misted

Brain’s mustered play 

How we fail to measure

The emptiness between 

The full glass and

The one half filled

When the mind churns

What the heart feeds


And lost dreams

Trapping us into a reality

Far from the one we view

No sleep to slumber with open eyes

Revolving thoughts, into the blue

And there is no end 

To this infinite spell 

A yet another outbreak,

A new story to sketch. 

What so new…?

What’s so new about the days that will dawn after today? Is it the colour or the size? Or do we only fantasise? Check it out…

The NEW year

The lights shine

Above my head

The jolly air

Of pleasure sets

As they wave 

And shout and scream

For a new day,

A new year, it seems

But what’s the change 

That they can see

Last night proclaimed

With joy and glee

 Nothing new in 

The sky’s colour

Nothing new in 

Their face’s parlour

Nothing new in 

The songs I sing

Nothing new in

The cars that swing

Swing past my empty bowl

Empty stomach 

Empty hands

Empty hearts of the soul 

Because yesterday was the end

Of previous times 

New pledges were made

Contracts signed

To announce the new name

Of the same old days

Nothing’s changed

Along the old ways

It’s a start, yet again

To what we did

You in your armchair

Me, on the roads I sit. 

Smiling back…at life

We feel a fresh jolt of inspiration every morning we open ourselves to a new face of the same old world. And finding pleasure and peace in this multi seasoned life we cherish, everyday, saves us from aging faster. Discover how…

As I glance 

Out of my windows

Drawing the lazy 

curtains aside, 

I feel the aroma 

of the morning coffee

Down my window sill

A cuckoo sits

On my bird feed

And chirps her way in

Today’s warmth 

Has a song to share

A story to fill the day 

Throwing my blankets

I put my slippers on

Rushing to embrace

The world outside

And calm the one within

With every step I drew out

I felt short of smile to pass

To a world that seemed 

So unusually fresh

And morning so delight

Scrambling atop the tree’s bark

The squirrel ran away

As I opened the door to feel

A pleasing morning light

How happy the mind 

Can turn out to be

If only circumscribed by love

Every day imparted us

A reason joyous enough. 

Writing 101, poetry – “farewell”

The last poem as a part of my writing 101, poetry course.

 My take on the topic today is as a caterpillar, who came in with a soul ready to transform by the pupa of this course that has helped me grow my skills into a beautiful butterfly, ready to reach out to a new world. 

The last farewell

New to a world

Never seen before

Creeping and crawling

In shadows unexplored 

I was the caterpillar 

Yet to fly

Ugly, immature,

Just beginning to try

Slithering for months 

Till I found my cocoon

Suddenly all wrapped up

Life changed too soon

A pupa, they said

Had I become

Ready to transform 

My childlike pun

Into an art

So live and profound

Reaching out to ears

With a silent sound

And within two weeks

The pupa wore off

Shedding the trepidation

Of existence, unbound

As a life unfolded 

Out of gloom

I was the butterfly,

Set to bloom

Bidding my final bye

To the pupa that helped me so

Imparting me wings

My heart, ready to soar

Now it’s hard to say

I’ll never meet you again

But if I do

I hope time won’t end………….so soon!! 

Writing 101, poetry – “camouflage”

Camouflaged truths 

What happens when a long buried truth, layered with lies and misguidance surfaces out and haunts the very face that camouflaged it from the world? 

Dug deep and buried in

Feigned with fear,

Unheard, unfounded sin

Years ago I dug the grave

To camouflage the truth

I could not save

No name to carve 

Or flowers to grieve 

Silent tears of the 

Words I pierced

Away from the eyes

Unkept from the tale

Shattered by the gust

That lies have layered

But this temporary hiding

Will soon resurface

When the camouflaging colours,

Reveal the true face

And when this

shielded concealment,

Is torn apart

My trapped soul,

Will finally depart! 


Writing 101, poetry- “graffiti”

Today’s challenge of writing 101, poetry is “graffiti”. Graffiti stands for a protrayal of freedom of thoughts from the strings that bind us to oblige by the convention. This is my take on the topic, metamorphically relating our trapped thoughts as the caged freedom of a bird. Happy reading! 

“My silence speaks as the graffiti in the sky”

Caught just as I blinked my eye

Into this rambunctious world

Tied and cuffed and handicapped

My charged soul unplugged. 

Into the cage of gold

Preserved with utmost care

My withering wings and parched lips,

The open skies glare 

Trapped in a space 

That’s now my world

Without a song to hum 

The trees with expectant eyes

Wait for my return

And I too wait

For the day to come

When the doors of this cage

Are drawn wide open to run

And cast my freedom 

Across the skies

As words articulating joy

Painting my silence high above,

As the graffiti in the silent sky.