Daily prompt- Handwriting 

Your handwriting gave a glimpse Of what went in your words The way they twisted themselves In conjunction with verse The crests and curves Or the soft touch Gave away the secret Of your first crush Or sometimes the ink Blotted against the line Alarmed me of the storm Enraging your mind But misted under... Continue Reading →


Wandering nights- Thoughts at play

How we create a world Sometimes so far away So vague and misted Brain's mustered play  How we fail to measure The emptiness between  The full glass and The one half filled When the mind churns What the heart feeds hallucinations  And lost dreams Trapping us into a reality Far from the one we view... Continue Reading →

What so new…?

What's so new about the days that will dawn after today? Is it the colour or the size? Or do we only fantasise? Check it out... The NEW year The lights shine Above my head The jolly air Of pleasure sets As they wave  And shout and scream For a new day, A new year,... Continue Reading →

Smiling back…at life

We feel a fresh jolt of inspiration every morning we open ourselves to a new face of the same old world. And finding pleasure and peace in this multi seasoned life we cherish, everyday, saves us from aging faster. Discover how... As I glance  Out of my windows Drawing the lazy  curtains aside,  I feel... Continue Reading →

Writing 101, poetry- “graffiti”

Today's challenge of writing 101, poetry is "graffiti". Graffiti stands for a protrayal of freedom of thoughts from the strings that bind us to oblige by the convention. This is my take on the topic, metamorphically relating our trapped thoughts as the caged freedom of a bird. Happy reading!  "My silence speaks as the graffiti... Continue Reading →

Writing 101, poetry – “beloved”

Today's challenge is the word "beloved". The word beloved instantly reminds us of people we have loved all our lives, whatever our situations might lead us to. So here is my take on the topic with a poem on long distance relationships that face the biggest tests and tribulations of trust and time, hoping to... Continue Reading →

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