Earth day…what does it really mean?

Earth day We observe 22nd April as Earth day, all around the world. But does this mere proclamation mean anything for thousands like those I still witness 'playing' with nature today? Indifferent to what each leaf they pluck contributes to the void this ignorance can impart tomorrow? Isn't it the same as the psychotic killings... Continue Reading →


The travelogue of my life 

We often chose to shut ourselves down, maybe for a moment or even a month, to clear the thoughts that so circumvent in our heads. And what we tend to ignore in this process is the voice, screaming out of every pore of our body to listen to that one person we should gamble all... Continue Reading →

Mute voices, scribbling pens 

When life beats you down and crushes your soul, art reminds that you have one.   It's not a reflection of thoughts. It's a reflection of images in our minds.  It's not a well thought plan. It's a random action of picking up the pen and scribbling aimlessly unless something so abstract yet beautiful streams... Continue Reading →

Wandering nights 

Some times, affected by some thought or picture in my mind, I begin spinning stories around it that seem too real that they start becoming a part of your life. What would happen if someday the person who meant the world to you would leave you alone to face the world, but because of your... Continue Reading →

Writing 101, poetry – “beloved”

Today's challenge is the word "beloved". The word beloved instantly reminds us of people we have loved all our lives, whatever our situations might lead us to. So here is my take on the topic with a poem on long distance relationships that face the biggest tests and tribulations of trust and time, hoping to... Continue Reading →

A story to sketch…

Life is a rainbow for those who embrace its colours with love. Life is a maze for those who easily loss themselves in its mystery. Life is a challenge for those who fight to survive. And a story for those who continually weave its flow, no matter along or against the tides of time. But when... Continue Reading →

Are you sure?

Are you sure you are living? Or is life bypassing you? Discover a different perspective of looking at various insightful aspects of life that we assume to know all about. "Are you sure" are the voice and views that we so often ignore, in our quest to find something, that is so close, that we often tend to miss it.

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