The center of universe

A speck in the cosmos Just a collection of atoms What is it you pride? Why hold yourself above all? They say don't be the center of attention Take everyone in consideration The world doesn't orbit around you And it's time you realize it But while the moon circles the earth And the earth, the... Continue Reading →

Tempered Glass

Often ignored The most important part of the phone Fall and crack Yet leave the phone intact After severe blows and great falls It's the time when it's replaced That the phone's at its weakest And a single fall will lead to pieces We are but the phone And our walls the glass Absorbing all... Continue Reading →

A weaver’s mess

Weaving is an art of creating beauty out of chaos. Meghalaya is a state known for it's weavers. Inspired by these weavers, this poem tells us to find this beauty in the messes of our life.

Wings in Chains

Sleepless nights Tossing and turning Endless thoughts Of what could have been Parsing each fallacy Over thinking each fight The past moves on But leaves us behind Shackles of past So hard to break But one can't fly With wings in chains Letting go is hard But freedom is beautiful Life is too short to... Continue Reading →

Head in sand

Don't be an ostrich Don't bury your head Don't hide from danger Don't ignore the bad But what's so bad In stepping back In not facing everything Like it's the biggest deal in life Cause sometimes it's best To just let it go To not give a damn To every single blow It's good to... Continue Reading →

Love yourself

She looks in the mirror But doesn't like what she see She overthinks every photo Before she presses delete She alters her hair twenty times Still doesn't think it's good enough She looks at her figure And wishes she were slimmer She cribs of not finding love And of bullies And their mean words But... Continue Reading →

What if they never died?

"And so there was victory of good over evil" But did you ever wonder why It's the good that always won Or is it the other way round Are they good just cause they won? Because isn't it just a perception The good and the evil Let's be honest We loved Angelina in Maleficent Cause... Continue Reading →

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