Head in sand

Don't be an ostrich Don't bury your head Don't hide from danger Don't ignore the bad But what's so bad In stepping back In not facing everything Like it's the biggest deal in life Cause sometimes it's best To just let it go To not give a damn To every single blow It's good to... Continue Reading →

Love yourself

She looks in the mirror But doesn't like what she see She overthinks every photo Before she presses delete She alters her hair twenty times Still doesn't think it's good enough She looks at her figure And wishes she were slimmer She cribs of not finding love And of bullies And their mean words But... Continue Reading →

What if they never died?

"And so there was victory of good over evil" But did you ever wonder why It's the good that always won Or is it the other way round Are they good just cause they won? Because isn't it just a perception The good and the evil Let's be honest We loved Angelina in Maleficent Cause... Continue Reading →

What do poets do…?

Theres no such thing As a writer's pen That you can borrow or buy At discretionary times You may tell yourself You have joined the league You may tell yourself Everyone is in need Of words to hide And words to shadow Of words to let go Of words to keep safe Cause people, As... Continue Reading →

Cause men don’t bleed…

They cry and shudder At the thought of threat A simple goodbye Or heavy heart break It hurts when she leaves It hurts when she lies It hurts twice as bad When there's no scope to try Under the dim lights Pondering the depth of life The last lesson learned The unfair trial And those... Continue Reading →

Under the white light

Under the white light When my flaws shy Away from the glare You peer right through And still choose to love me But somehow I can't Give it back to you Any more than I have got And perhaps that is my biggest flaw To not love the love I could never ask for Or... Continue Reading →

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